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Stage 2 - Evolution

Through self-inquiry you have a deepening awareness of self and aspects in separation and judgment. You move beyond the fear-based selves, beyond concepts and illusions - expanding beyond the ‘self’ to connect to Spirit and see that all things are connected. You realize you are part of the infinite, and of infinite Love. You learn you are a Divine Spark of Source. You connect to the Self. The evolution is through Love.

The DRACO (Dragon) Healing Symbols System is an integrated system of healing to help you to heal through love, and open up your own wisdom and 'truth'. It operates on multi-levels.

Healing and training / education is through Draco Phases 1 - 5, and / or the 7 Master Code Program.

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"Pure Potential is the energy of your deepest creativity and self as it expresses itself through you.

As it is fully released it flows and radiates through everything you do, and touches all who it meets... It allows and embodies community and unity; and is the expression of 'all' of you in it's entirety and wholeness.

From this place of unconditional being and love, it is the feeling and knowing of our unlimited-ness, and all the possibilities that this may bring - the infinite expression of your magnificence, and the sharing of this out into the world."

Michelle Harris