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About Michelle Harris

Since an early age, Michelle has been a healing influence in people’s lives. She provides an unconditional loving and non-judgemnetal space for others to step into, allowing them to discover what they need to heal and resolve even longstanding issues, and empowering them to be themselves.


A natural counsellor, she is a respected teacher, mentor and guide; helping people to connect to and claim their true inner self. She shows you how to make it possible. She helps you move and transition safely through challenges, and can assist you to get to where you truly want to be. She shares a wealth of understanding, tools and loving wisdom, to help you transform even your deepest fears and challenges into more ‘positive’ elements in your life. Michelle draws upon many resources particularly her own life experiences, to provide tools and methods that have assisted many clients in Hong Kong and all around the world.


Michelle is passionate about helping others become empowered. Her services include private sessions, classes and workshops, She runs Meditation & Mindfulness programs for adults and children, including specialised Mother & Child classes, and her highly successful Empowerment programs for children and women. She also offers schools and corporations various mindfulness and empowerment classes to help achieve optimal performance and success.

In 2011, she founded her company Pure Potential as a hub for her services, Pure Potential was created as a platform to help others & organisations aspire and live to their own ‘pure potential’ – to express their uniqueness, be their magnificence and the best they can be.. 

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"Pure Potential is the energy of your deepest creativity and self as it expresses itself through you.

As it is fully released it flows and radiates through everything you do, and touches all who it meets... It allows and embodies community and unity; and is the expression of 'all' of you in it's entirety and wholeness.

From this place of unconditional being and love, it is the feeling and knowing of our unlimited-ness, and all the possibilities that this may bring - the infinite expression of your magnificence, and the sharing of this out into the world."

Michelle Harris