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Pure Potential Business


Whether to enhance work/life balance, implement healthy habits, shift to positive-mindsets and attitudes, combat anxiety, reduce stress, optimize performance, motivation and morale..... or simply to feel better ... In today’s turbulent world more and more people worldwide are implementing wellbeing programs and tools into the workplace and into their lives.

Below is an overview of the Corporate Health Promotion Programs offered by Pure Potential's business arm - Pure Potential in Business. These programs aim to enhance any existing programs or to introduce some new health and well-being practices that serve the heart of the company, whilst also maintaining the integrity and values of the business and it’s operations. 


Pure Potential in Business

Pure Potential in Business understands the need for a rounded and balanced approach in the implementation of services that serve the needs of both corporates and individuals.

The following is considered for corporate health and wellbeing:

* Meditation, mindfulness & relaxation at work training

* Self-enhancement and optimising your 'Best Self'

* Well-being practices

* Positive mindsets & emotional management

* Inter-personal energy dynamics & relationships

* Communication effectiveness

* Engaging your workforce & inspiring motivation that benefits all 


The Corporate Health Promotion Program implements solutions for the individual and the group, and covers the above areas.


Corporate Health Promotion Programs

It is recognised that employees perform their best when they are healthy, contributing to optimal employee and overall company performance.

The Corporate Health Promotion Programs offered by Pure Potential in Business aims to improve employee health and well-being that benefits them on multi-levels.

Our Corporate Health Promotion Programs include the following:

  1. Corporate Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation skills training
  2. Specialised Focus Classes
  3. Self-Enhancement Sessions

1. Corporate Meditation, Mindfulness & Relaxation Skills Training


Meditation in the workplace has been shown to produce benefits for both companies and their employees.

Many studies are now showing the benefits of workplace meditation to reduce feelings of stress, help with anxiety, improve sleep, build resilience, enhance performance and positivity; as well as for overall health and well-being. Leading companies are recognising the essential benefits, and are now incorporating meditation and mindfulness practises as part of their corporate vision.

Workplace meditation aims to teach your staff new skills, tools and techniques.

The proposed workplace/corporate meditation sessions can be customised to suit the needs and potentials of your company.

For example:

a) A one-off practical meditation and relaxation class to introduce techniques and teach some tools which can be easily integrated into daily life. For eg., simple stress management tips, ways to balance and focus, overall wellbeing, etc

b) Regular ongoing sessions or training that aims to promote relaxation, reduce tension and anxiety, manage stress, build resiliency, develop awareness etc. This program can incorporate tools as appropriate to the needs of the group, for longer -term benefit. Sessions can be weekly/fortnightly to develop sustained benefits. A structured meditation and relaxation skills course / program over 8 weeks/sessions or 12 weeks/ sessions, equipping staff with knowledge and tools for the longer term.

2. Specialised Focus Classes / Workshops

These are stand-alone classes/workshops, or may be incorporated into a fuller, customised Corporate Wellness program. They focus on specific elements, for example: Inter-personal Energy Dynamics & Relationships, Positive Mindsets, Effective Communication, Emotional Management, etc. .Please enquire for more information about our specialised focus classes, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Self-Enhancement / Best-Self Sessions

Usually these would be private / individual consultations for implementing strategies and solutions to create a more balanced, stress-free and health-focused life. It can incorporate simple, practical, tools to help in any area of life - from business to personal aspects. The aim is to reach and optimize your full potential, for being and living your ‘Best-Self’.


The Trainer - Michelle Harris

Michelle Harris offers training and consultations to individuals and groups to help them come to greater well-being and self empowerment. Her extensive experience includes emotional management, meditation and mindfulness practises, healing, and self –enhancement sessions, classes and programs.

Michelle has lived in Hong Kong since 1996 and has a background in finance, recruitment, and teaching. She moved into the health and wellbeing field following personal trauma that induced a breakdown and depression. Through the use of meditation, alternative methods and creating her own unique healing system, she took the steps to turn her life around. She founded Pure Potential as a platform to share what she knows and has learned - to pass on the tools to help others to greater happiness, inner peace, balance, and well being on all levels.

She trains and advises a wide range of clients from corporate executives, entrepreneurs and business owners, to other professionals, including mothers, children and teens. Michelle assists many people on a range of matters and in all areas of life, to reach their full potential and be their “best Self".


"Pure Potential is the energy of your deepest creativity and self as it expresses itself through you.

As it is fully released it flows and radiates through everything you do, and touches all who it meets... It allows and embodies community and unity; and is the expression of 'all' of you in it's entirety and wholeness.

From this place of unconditional being and love, it is the feeling and knowing of our unlimited-ness, and all the possibilities that this may bring - the infinite expression of your magnificence, and the sharing of this out into the world."

Michelle Harris