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Feedback on Next Level Meditation, 2013 (Pure Potential)

"With this delightful guided meditation, Michelle takes us on a voyage to a very peaceful place. Her voice is warm and soothing, the words flow in harmony at a perfect pace, allowing us to benefit from the power of visualization. In the process, we effortlessly leave our worries behind and instead focus in finding our own unique calming space- ultimately allowing us to connect with our inner self."

"Wow!...that was incredible..... trust and letting go and bringing all the aspects into my heart then embracing my future and seeing my life partner. You are amazing!" ...It's very loving and so powerful....had such a wonderful journey..."

"Pure Potential is the energy of your deepest creativity and self as it expresses itself through you.

As it is fully released it flows and radiates through everything you do, and touches all who it meets... It allows and embodies community and unity; and is the expression of 'all' of you in it's entirety and wholeness.

From this place of unconditional being and love, it is the feeling and knowing of our unlimited-ness, and all the possibilities that this may bring - the infinite expression of your magnificence, and the sharing of this out into the world."

Michelle Harris

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