Pure Potential was born out of a hearts desire to be all I am to be:

To share my abilities and gifts, through doing what I love - and making a contribution to the World.

Created as a platform of love and acceptance for each person to aspire to, and be, who they truly are, it offers a variety of services that helps you to claim and live your own magnificence - and the infinite possibilities this may bring.

The future requires YOU to access your Pure Potential

Are you ready to be what's possible?

Michelle Harris*



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Pure Potential

Pure Potential is the hub of a wheel of services that help you access and live your ‘pure potential’.

Dedicated to your enlightenment of self, it takes you from where you are starting from, and guides you to where you want to be – Being who you truly are, and living as the unlimited expression of your Essence.

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Michelle Harris

Since an early age, Michelle has been a healing influence in people’s lives.

Described as a heart doctor, she provides an unconditional space for others to step into that allows them to heal, and be who they truly are.

A natural counselor, she is a healing heart channel..

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